What Students Are Saying About 

“It has been really nice to have access to Kami’s home herbal wisdom in the comfort of my own home where I can actually put this knowledge into practice.

I've been experimenting and learning from the plants for almost 20 years now, but it is so convenient to have the video format to share with my family. My husband has felt a little more empowered in taking care of himself, rather than having to come to me.

And though it's a bit of a stretch to get my teenage son to watch, he and his sister had no inhibitions about trying the popcorn recipe with yum success. Herbal Kitchen Remedy Solutions tempts your taste buds, inspires curiosity, and encourages healing. It is a beautiful, nourishing offering! ”

- Melanie Nasson-Kurgpold

“When my daughter asked me to take Kami's herbal medicine class with her I thought what a nice thing for us to do. I had no idea that it would turn out to be one of the best, and at times, a very moving experience for me.

Kami has a vast knowledge of herbs that comes from her years of dedicated study and practice as a herbalist. She shares that knowledge with her students in a way that we all can understand and put to use every day in our lives. Cold and flu season is very different in our household since taking Kami's class. The herbal teas that we learned in class to combat these illnesses have helped us tremendously ward off or just get a mild version of the illness.

So if you are a person that loves plants and think you might be interested in an herbal experience, I highly recommend checking out HKRS

Thank you Kami!”

- Lena Shamsavari, Marin County

"I so enjoyed this course! I love your authenticity and passion and the simplicity of your sharing. I wish the best to you and your generous nature."

- Debbie Chiat, Italy

“I really loved Herbal Kitchen Remedy Solutions.  Kami, you have made the information easy to understand and use. You are a very gifted teacher and I’m really inspired to use herbs every day. Thank you.  It gave me more ideas to improve my and my family's health. It also helped me to expand my choice of herbs. I cook a lot and am an avid gardener ~ it's nice to have new options.”

- J. Phelps, California

“This is the best $397 I've spent - you gave me a lifetime of useful knowledge - I will share with friends and try to build a community. I loved learning how to implement herbs into everyday life.”

- Denise, Sacramento

"Since taking Kami's online course, my commitment to healthy lifestyle changes have deepened. I am much more aware of taking my remedies at the first "off" feeling (and my family is on board with me now too)!

I am so appreciative of Kami's commitment to share this information. When I prepare a meal, bath, remedy, steam, etc., I feel empowered; knowing that I am contributing to the health of our family.

Kami's work demystifies the world of herbs and lovingly invites us all to integrate this knowledge that is part of our ancestry. I highly recommend her work to anyone who is interested in finding practical ways to enhance their own health and/or that of their families and communities!"

- Tamara, California

“Thank you so much for this course. What I learned from you continues to play a role at our kitchen table. The gift of your teaching will always be present in my life. It is good to know that each time you offer this course, the awareness spreads. You have made a life-long impact in my life."

- Katrina

“Kami is such a delightful teacher. She brings interesting information about each herb to class and it's so personal it's almost like reading a plant "biography." On her phone calls, she exudes warmth and fun. I'm definitely enjoying herbs more in the kitchen these days, consciously using them in new and different ways. Try the class: you won't be disappointed!"

- S. Lewis

“I didn’t know how I would like studying herbs online. It turns out, I loved that I could play the modules and interviews whenever I could carve out a quiet time. I had fun with it. It was very practical. Cleaning out my spice rack led to cleaning out the pantry, led to convincing my husband to paint the kitchen. Things are organized and looking good! Thanks for the awesome experience!"

- V. Dusek

“I have learned sooo much and have been enjoying making so many different things. I have more confidence in what I'm doing to keep healthy.

I now have an arsenal full of things to do to keep cough, snot, headaches and cold hands and feet in check. I can help friends and family with the same mostly for low cost.

I am hoping you will offer more online classes. I am definitely going to plant a much bigger herb garden this year. Thank you so much.”

- G. Frye, California

“I want to thank you for the wonderful information you have brought into my life through your Herbal Kitchen Remedy Solutions class. It has opened up a whole new world of using spices and herbs for nutritional support and natural healing to the body. I especially enjoy knowing the specific qualities of the different herbs, and appreciate all the knowledge you have imparted in this class. This class has changed the way I view the spices and herbs in my cabinet, and I am excited to continue trying out more of your recipes"

- Lynne Anne Wynns, Michigan

I finished your Herbal Kitchen Remedy Solutions class a couple of months ago and I can't thank you enough. I learned so much in your class and use many of your recipes daily. While taking the class I mixed up your "Grunge Be Gone" spice mix and WOW!!!!! I'M ABLE TO ENJOY FOOD AGAIN!! This one recipe is what made the difference for me and my digestive problems. So much so that I have now put some in a travel container to carry with me in my purse for times when we travel or just go out to eat. Your love of herbs is apparent and your enthusiasm is contagious. I can never thank you enough for your knowledge and willingness to share that knowledge. With my eternal gratitude,

- Tracy Hicklin

"I loved Kami McBride's Herbal Kitchen Remedy Solutions! Kami presents a ton of practical and easy to follow recipes that actually do what she says they'll do. I especially love her Cough-Ease Honey!

The majority of ingredients are probably already in your kitchen cupboard, and if not, easy to find at a well-stocked grocery store. I would recommend Herbal Kitchen Remedy Solutions for anyone wanting to learn more about the everyday herbs we have in our kitchens and all the wonderful ways these herbs can enhance our health and well-being."

- CeCe Chan

I am writing to express you my wholehearted gratitude for the wonderful combination of knowledge, hands-on approach, fun, passion, variety (... and much more) you offer with your Herbal Kitchen Remedy Solutions course. I absolutely loved this course!

I finished all the videos and I loved every single one of them. I am looking forward to watch them again! I am sure I will discover new things. You put so much in them! I particularly liked that the information is so well organized and ready to be put into practice, that one can never feel overwhelmed and stuck.

You know so much, and yet you are so skillful in delivering the information so that the student immediately feels empowered and willing to try the recipe. As you beautifully say throughout the course, this knowledge is vital and we all need to get it back into our homes and in our everyday life.

So, thank you, thank you, thank you for your wonderful job! Grazie, Kami!

- Annalisa, Florence, Italy

“Kami McBride, can teach you A LOT! My spice rack was only salt, black pepper and garlic, now it includes more than 20 spices! Kami, has so much knowledge of these spices, and the way she explains it all to you, gives you so much confidence. It's fun and I can't wait for her next class!”

- Maria F. Texas

“As I mix my spices for the Chai Honey, I reflect on how much my life has changed after taking Herbal Kitchen Remedy Solutions. I enjoy incorporating the herbs in my daily life, making herbal teas and falling in love with the summer sage, which will be used to make a syrup for preparing my family's fall medicine chest. Kami’s knowledge is vast and it is so enjoyable learning from her. Thank you, Kami! ”

- Amanda Safford

“I liked how Herbal Kitchen Remedy Solutions is broken up into modules that focus on an individual herb in depth. Getting to know a single plant at a time has been really beneficial for me. Herbal Kitchen Remedy Solutions has inspired me to be more creative in the kitchen and reinvigorated me and my passion for home remedies. Thank you! I have learned a lot of new things! If anyone is considering enrolling in this course I would say, “Don’t hesitate! The techniques you will learn to make different medicinal preparations are easy! You will find yourself using them all the time!”

- Danielle Davidson, California

“I have absolutely loved this class. Herbal Kitchen Remedy Solutions gave me a structured solid foundation to build on and confidence to move forward. Several things: The variety of ways that herbs and spices can be utilized, learning al the properties of each, learning the magic of them (everyone needs magic in their life).

It feels like a huge hug each morning when I walk into the kitchen and when I open one of the spices and actually use them it automatically whisks me away from the mundane and stress.

I feel like now I don't have to waste time looking for things and then trying to make sense out of all the information. HKRS is one of the best gifts you can give to your family, yourself and it helps make for a better world around you.”

- Joan, Oregon

“I have been on a quest for the past couple of years searching for alternative ways to get and stay healthy in a natural way. I kept thinking I know there is an easy, inexpensive answer.

I found the answer through your course and in my own cupboard. I am using spices and herbs I never tried before. Not only are our meals tastier but healthier too.

I had no idea it could be so simple. I loved watching the videos and how you, Kami made it seem so easy. Thank you Kami for sharing with us.”

- Pat Skinner, Ohio

"I was really inspired by the Herbal Kitchen Remedies class, i eagerly awaited each new module and made sure to set aside some time each week where i could set up my computer in the kitchen and listen to Kami while i worked on my herbal projects.

I felt like Kami was right there with me, so it was very motivating to have her there while i tried the various recipes and organized my herb supplies. By the end of the class i had totally revamped my "spice" shelves" and cupboards, putting everything in new jars with labels and finally getting a lazy susan for my table and setting up a new work space for the ever expanding projects.

Thank you Kami for all the work and heart you put into this course, I didn't think that an online course could feel so personal and inspiring, but you have really succeeded here and i totally recommend it to all aspiring herbalists."

- Rachel Johnson, California

“Kami is so knowledgeable and teaches you all you need to know about herbs you most probably already have at hand in your kitchen. I have used many of the remedies she teaches about with great success. I seriously think everyone needs this course and highly recommend it.”

- C. Mussi, Bahrain

“I enjoyed this course so much! Your passion and enthusiasm, as well as your knowledge, are inspiring. I got right up while I was watching the rosemary module a few weeks back, ran out and got some rosemary from my deck (I live in an apartment), sniffed it the whole time (and then some!), and made tea. The next day while I was cleaning, I made a fumigation! It was so nice! And I bought some ginger the other day in preparation for watching the ginger module, which I just did while sipping the turmeric tea…..”

- Lauren, California

“I never realized that I could open up my cupboard and there it all is….There was something in each module and I am passing it all on. I have been so thrilled getting my apothecary all set up.

I just loved this course. you did a fantastic job and I cannot wait for more. For me, it was money well spent. I had been waiting a very long time for a course like this.”

- Vicki Ross, Pennsylvania

“Kami does a great job at teaching and sharing the information she has gathered over the years she has been in practice. I just took her Herbal Kitchen Remedy Solutions course and was very happy with the awesome information I was able to add to my own learning."

- Terry Surrat, Washington

Honestly, this has been the first course I've taken that has made sense! I struggled with the decision to take it at first because we had just moved... money was tight and emotions all over the place but I felt the pull to just do it! I am so glad I did. Thank you so much, you are wonderful

- Christine, Colorado

This is a great educational course. It's taught in a relaxed setting and is very down to earth. I enjoyed learning all the different ways to use the herbs. I enjoyed how you show every step, you repeat the herb actions so it can sink in and I love all the handouts.

- -Jo Anne, New York

Incorporating the many herbs I already grew or had into my daily life was so time consuming until "Herbal Kitchen Remedy Solutions" when I started working with Rosemary! I would like to say that I have finished this course but even after having been at it for 8 months I am still learning, and making, and learning, about each of the herbs now in different Seasons so for different uses. I am finding their benefits for culinary, medicinal, home, and gifts really worth the time and money I have spent on the course. I am enjoying Kami's passion for herbs and refueling mine with her multitude of information. Who would have thought that my daughters in their 20's would have asked for Breakfast Sprinkles and other mixes for Christmas gifts. Thank you Kami for doing all the hard work of putting this course together and letting me do the work of passing the information on!

- Bonnie Peterson, Alabama