Spice Rack Remedies: 
How to Use Common Kitchen Herbs and 
Spices to Keep your Family Well
free workshop with Kami McBride
  • Video 1: Medications and the health problem they create that isn't being talked about
  • Video 2: Simple and easy to use 'Spice Rack Hacks' to increase your wellness at every meal
  • Turn your kitchen spices into your home  herbal apothecary
  • Get the entire video workshop free
  • Leverage the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and viral-fighting actions of your common kitchen spices
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Kami McBride, author of The Herbal Kitchen, has taught herbal medicine at College of Marin and the Complementary and Alternative Medicine Department at University of California, San Francisco School of Nursing. Over the past 30+ years she has helped thousands of people unlock the secrets of their spice rack and learn just how simple it is to use common kitchen herbs and spices to prevent illness and become skillful in using natural home remedies as their primary wellness strategy.
Top 3 Uses of Powerful Healing Spices Found Right in Your Kitchen
with Kami McBride
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